name: momo momone

nickname: pinku

pronounce:  (moe/moe)  (moe/moe/neh)

gender: female

item: peach

Birthday: May 22th

meaning: ne = sound. momo=peach

Momo is the second voice for UTAU. Her voice is easier to control than Defoko. Even though human based, Momo still sounds airy and robotic, but not as much as Defoko; her voice sounds softer than her predecessor. When drawn she is seen to have shoulder length pink hair with white barrettes in her bangs and a white earphone set. She wears a green hat. Her outfit is seen to be a classic school uniform of green and white (white short sleeve shirt, green skirt, green collar) and a red necktie.  

name: kasane teto

pronounce : (KA-SA-neh TEH-toe) meaning: (kasa= heavy  ne=sound)

age: 15

height: ?????

item: french loaf

Teto is one of the first known voice bank made for a freeware spin-off of Vocaloid named UTAU. She was originally designed as an April Fools joke by 2ch users to trick Nico Nico Douga users into thinking she was a new Vocaloid from Crypton Future Media (her company's name was Crvipton), but was eventually turned into an independent character.

name: yokune ruko

Gender: female

pronounce: YO-KU-neh Roo-ko

meaning:   ko=girl

ne= sound 

age: 19

height : 197 cm (about 6 or 7 feet tall)

item: coffe grinder

Another attempted joke character, made by 2ch to trick users into thinking she is the third Vocaloid release of Crypton, just like Teto.

Unfortunately, the joke was not able to catch on and many people did not fall for it like Teto's. Despite popular depictions by vip@2ch that she is a hermaphrodite due to wielding a voicebank with to genders each one beig made by a female and male voice Ruko is generally considered female, unlike Taya who is designed to be both male and female.


 name: defoko

other name: dehuo

meaning: defalt child or defalt girl

 Defoko is the default voice data bank for UTAU. Her name literally means 'default child'. Her other name is Utane Uta (唄音ウタ). She has short, plum colored hair that comes close to her shoulders and matches her tie. Her voice is rather airy and robotic.

Defoko is often referred to as "Dehuo" since some users take the name "Default (Child)" offensively. Although Defoko has clear and understandable pronunciations, it is hard to give her a natural sound, mainly because her voice is not human based.

Other voices that came from Defoko

Imouto Defo (デフォ妹)
"Default Sister" voice data bank for UTAU. She is meant to be a younger version of Defoko, with even better pronunciations and a very childish voice. Her other name is Utane Koe (唄音コエ). She is available for download on the UTAU official site just like Teto, Momo and Mako.
Defosuke (デフォ助)
Another version of Defoko.
Defo Futoshi [Defota] (戴デフォ太)
Male default voice for Defoko, made with AquesTalk.

name: sekka yufu

A gentle, whispy-voiced UTAU with a gray and white theme and decent range. You can listen to her voice here, here, and here. She has a white coat and her grey hair is in a long braid. Her item is Castella cake.

Birthday: October 25th; Website:Here


name: yurkia sayu

gender: female


item/theme: panda

A calm and soft-voiced UTAUloid with light-blue hair and eyes, and headphones with a panda's face on it. She wears a Chinese styled long-sleeved white shirt-dress with black cuffs and hem, and also wears black knee-high socks and black shoes. Sayu's color scheme is light blue, black and white. Her character item is a panda. Sayu's genderbent version/variant is Sai Yurika (揺歌サイ). Sayu has a very human-like voice, and can pronounce quite well. She cannot sing in English very well, nor can Sai.

name: nagone mako

gender: female

meaning: ne= sound

birthday:August 20th

Mako is also human based. Her voice comes from an amateur singer on NicoNico, and is easier to control, being more stable and human-like than the other two before her. Her voice is a lot like Kagamine Rin's. She is known to be the preferred UTAU for beginners. When drawn she is known to have dark blue/purple hair that is usually held in a pony tail. She wears a white headphone set with a giant white bow in her hair (like Rin Kagamine but bigger.)

Mako does not have an "official" outfit. Fan have been known to change her outfit in almost evey video- although the underlining "ninja" feel is a consistency with all of her appearances.  

name: amane luna

gender: female

meaning: ne=sound  luna=moon

item: mochi pestle

Birthday: October 19th;

Luna's voice is much less airy and robotic than the other UTAU vocaloids, and therefore she has an easier time pronouncing.  Luna's eyes are blue and her hair is blond and wavy. Luna is also called Runa. She is sometimes named Tenne Luna.

name:haruka nana

gender: female


A young looking and sounding UTAUloid. She is voiced by Nanahira. Her video was released in YouTube on January 30th, 2009. Although meant to look "cute", her voice can get very pitchy, and the usual product made with her voice library is very robotic sounding, thus, it is not pleasant to listen to.


name: fuuga koto

other name: samune

meaning:fuuga = maple song



Either known as Koto Fuuga or Koto Samune, she is sometimes confused as Sara Suiga, the genderbent version of Sora Suiga. She is a female UTAUloid and her name means "Maple song Koto". Her color scheme is black and orange, she has orange hair and orange eyes. She wears orange shorts, black boots with an orange stripe around the opening, a long-sleeved black shirt and her character item is a toucan. 

There is also a second voice bank for nana, its sold sepretly and is named macne nana petite

Nana Macne (Mac音ナナ)

Nana is a professionally made UTAUloid, made as a GarageBand plugin.


her site:

she is made specaily for mac users and costs money

Taya Soune (蒼音タヤ)

Taya Soune

Taya is a somewhat rich-voiced UTAU with blue hair and a butler's uniform.Taya's voice can be heard here and here. Taya's concept art was drawn by Caffein, the same person who drew Yowane Haku

PSS (Project Sing Song)

an organazation that was created to create collection of special UTAU characters. Owned and operated by Kitsunojo and mx, they were the first to design a group to distribute high-quality UTAU voicebanks. This project was started in the spring of 2008. The Characters created by PSS are called "UTAUpss" (not to be confused by the organization's name PSS) as stated in Kitsunojo's 'video announcement' found on youtube and the official PSS website.
Series 1; Ishimaru Michiyo (石丸ミチヨ) and Sakuwatari Chiyo (朔渡チヨ)- and Series 2; Donka Fjord (鈍歌フィヨードッ).
For more information, History of PSS and for contacting reasons, it is suggested that you visit the offical Project Sing Song site here.
For English users, there is an offical Wikia for PSS. Offical UTAUPSS Wikia

Fjord Donka (鈍歌フィヨーッド)

Main Article and detailed information : Donka_Fjord
Fjord Donka

Fjord is Series 2 of the PSS Project, also called the JOKALOID, as named by his creators. He has white hair with winter attire, as illustrated here by mx. His voicebank are available in Romaji or Kana, downloadable in the PSS website.

name: fjord donka

pronouce: (Ffyord donka)

age: 15

height: 168cm

name: chiyo  SakuWatari

height: 154 cm

age 15



name: michiyo ishimaru

age: 17

height: 173.3 cm


    other "utaus"

 Renzi Soune (双音レンジ)

Renzi Soune

. He has dark blue hair and eyes, . His color scheme is black and green. His voice can be heard here and here, Here is his full picture.

Birthday: April 1st; Voice: Re:nG; Website:Here

 Ria Soune (双音リア)

Ria Soune

Sister of Renzi Soune. Her color scheme is black and green, and she has red glasses. Her voice can be heard here and here.

Here is her full picture.

Birthday: April 1st; Voice: Re:A; Website:Here

Yuko Hanna(阪奈ユコ)

Yuko is the second British Utauloid. Her voice is not complete but is being worked on.

Her voice is high,smooth and clear. A full-body art of Yuko can be found here. A small sample of her voice can be downloaded here



DigiKoe is a new series of currently unreleased UTAUloids. They're each voiced by a different person within the group of friends. The group hopes their UTAUloids will be released by the end of the year and they're currently working hard recording them. Mira Inune, Akimatsu Chuui, Usagi Sekai and Fuyu Tsukine are the current ones being recorded.

The site is here: DigiKoe


Vocaruid is a project created by Hankyou. Vocaruid meaning kind/class or like (found in her dictionary) a Vocaloid but is not a vocaloid, but an Utauloid or somehow trying to be like a vocaloid by just changing Voca"Roid" to Voca"Ruid". First of the Vocaruid series is Teru Tatsune and the others are soon to come. It was created around Oct - Nov of 2008 after the creation of Kiru Meikane & Naru Akita.

Vocaruid in Free Webs, Vocaruid Free Webs Vocaruid Wikia (is currently in construction), Vocaruid Wikia

Utau Kone Series

Utau Kone Series started when Kone Hana was created but now there is a Utau Kone Series website! The Utaus include Kone Hana, Kone Hanataro, and Kone Niirokitsune. These Utau are fairly new. They where released sometime early April - Late May.

You can check it out at

UTAU Sakusei

UTAU Sakusei is a line of UTAUloids created by SAh., RabidSyndrome and Mari. Most are under construction at the moment, the first one (Mayashima Anju) is set for release on the 11th June, 2009. Not much is known about them at the moment, however information can be found at the official website here.

Directed at mainly English users, there is a wikia for the group. Official UTAU Sakusei Wikia


UTAU-Dreams(UD for short.) started as a line of UTAUs created by HatsuneMikuVocaloid2 and others joined in with their own UTAUs. Most UTAUs are under construction with the exception of 2 (out of 10). which are completed. The name of UTAU-Dreams comes from the android making company, Kokoro Dreams. The other UTAUs are still under construction, some singing in Japanese and English, while others are Japanese and Chinese, and while some are just plain Japanese. Check out the official UTAU-Dreams website here. :)

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